MATTER Redefines Tech for The World to Reimagine Electric Motorbikes@ Tech Day [2.0]

Unveiled atech section view christened “AERATOMY” of its maiden geared electric motorbike MATTER AERA. 

202 patents, 63 designs & 215 trademarks created in the journey of 5 years.

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], February 12:MATTER Group a leading energy and EV tech start up that launched India’s maiden geared electric bike MATTER AERA, marked a significant milestone in the electric vehicle landscape with its recent Tech Day [2.0] at its Tech Research and Development Centre in Ahmedabad. 

MATTER believes in vertical integration, that means more than just producing individual components in-house. It represents a holistic approach the company takes towards crafting its technological marvels. From conceptualization to design, development, and final assembly, MATTER ensures that every facet of AERA and its groundbreaking technology is meticulously optimized to deliver experiences in line with MATTER’sprinciples of cateringperformance, safety, security, and reliability through all their products.

The Tech Day [2.0] also saw unveiling of AERATOMY- aTechEddissection of the AERA.The highlighted technologies included:

Powertrain (Motor+Gearbox): The powerhouse of AERA.In-house designed, developed and tested PowerTrain technology, gives the flexibility in tuning the performance of PowerTrain with ease. The integrated powertrain showcasesMATTER’s prowess in creating a dynamic and efficient system for optimal performance.Unique in its characteristic, the Hyper shift manual transmission couples to the electric motor, amplifying the torque output and transmitting it through the chain to rear wheel.

Powerpack (Battery Pack + BMS + DTU): MATTER’s advanced powerpack displayed the culmination of years of research and development in materials, magnetics and manufacturing processes, ensuring seamless integration of Battery pack, Battery Management System and DriveTrain Unit through bus bars, in delivering a robust, reliable and condensed energy source for MATTER AERA.

Liquid Cooling System: A critical element for maintaining optimal operating temperatures. The Battery, Motor and DriveTrain unit is cooled with India’s first liquid cooling system in 2-wheeler electric vehicles. This reveals MATTER’s commitment towards safety, performance, and longevity for its electric vehicles.

Vehicle Instrument (Smart) Cluster (VIC): The Vehicle Interface and Control system demonstrates MATTER’s focus on creating an intelligent and intuitive interface for riders, enhancing the overall user experience with the 7-inch capacitive Touch screen incorporating host of features like map navigation, call, musicand many smartfunctionalities. The VIC is responsible for curating connected experiences for the rider, on or off the motorbike. 

Onboard Charger: MATTER’s in-house developed onboard charger highlights the company’s dedication in providing convenient charging solutions, contributing to the seamless integration of electric vehicles into daily life and convenience of re-charging anywhere with a 5 Ampere 3 pin standard plug which is a part of every household. 

Body Control Unit (BCU): The BCU serves as a brain behindactuators and most user interface functionsof AERA,managing and coordinating various 12V loads and vehicle functions smartly. MATTER’s BCU exemplifies the brand’s emphasis on reliability and security in its technological innovations.

Over the years, MATTER has diligently built an in-house hyper-scalable tech stack, with a primary focus on core technologies such as drivetrain, power electronics, battery systems, connected experiences driven by robust digital & embedded software. The second edition of MATTER’s Technology Day is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and revolutionizing the electric vehicle landscape in India. MATTER has also achieved significant IP presence in the last few years by filing 202 patents, 63 designs and 215 trademarks.

Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and CEO of MATTER, added, “At MATTER, we believe in pushing boundaries and setting new standards. The success of MATTER AERA and the comprehensive tech stack we have built demonstrates our commitment to sustainable and cutting-edge solutions. The second edition of Technology Day is a testament to our dedication in transforming the electric vehicle ecosystem in India.”

Commenting on the occasion Kumar Prasad Telikepalli, Founder and Group CTO of MATTER, said, “At MATTER we believe in creating unapologetic products with no limitations. We have innovated the riding experience through technology, it proves beyond doubt why AERA is a 22nd century motorcycle. Our tech patents are the testimony to our values and discipline. We will continue to push boundaries every time there is an opportunity to do so.”

MATTER is laser-focused on reaching the annual business goal of 1 million EV 2-wheelers clocking revenues upwards of $2 billion within the next 5 years.


MATTER is a technology start-up guided by its vision to be the most dynamic company driving India to a sustainable future. Since its inception in January 2019 in Ahmedabad, MATTER has invested extensively in technology development with the “Innovate in India” approach to develop futuristic electric vehicle platforms and energy storage systems. Matter recently launched its first geared electric motorbike for the Indian market. All the components for MATTER’s products have been designed by its team in-house and manufactured in India. MATTER’s range of mobility products will redefine user experience by incorporating best-in-class technologies and innovation.

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