Introducing Bigship’s Revolutionary International Carrier Aggregation Platform: A Game-Changer in Indian Logistics

CEO, Bigship Technologies Private Limited

New Delhi (India), October 13: Bigship, a leading name in the Indian logistics industry, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking International Carrier Aggregation Platform, set to transform the way goods are transported across borders within India and beyond. This innovative platform features multiple carrier integrations, real-time tracking, cost optimization, customized solutions, seamless documentation, exceptional customer support, and channel integration. It is a new digital shipping platform catering to the requirements of MSMEs and large B2C e-commerce brands globally. Offering a versatile shipping experience, it addresses the diverse needs of businesses, enhances logistics efficiency, and expands FedEx’s reach in the industry, making it a testament to Bigship’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of logistics technology and delivering unparalleled service to its clients.

“One-Stop Solution for International Logistics”

Bigship’s platform offers real-time tracking, streamlined documentation, and competitive pricing options for shipments of all sizes. For a seamless global logistics experience, our International Carrier Aggregation Platform offers a one-of-a-kind solution for businesses looking to streamline their international shipping operations. With this platform, clients can consolidate shipments, manage multiple carriers, and optimize routes effortlessly. It acts as a central hub for all international logistics needs, bringing unprecedented convenience to businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s e-commerce, industrial, or commercial cargo, our platform ensures efficient, secure, and cost-effective international shipping. With a commitment to sustainability, we prioritize eco-friendly transport solutions. Bigship’s international shipping platform is set to “Empower businesses worldwide, fostering economic growth and global connectivity.”

“Bigship’s International Technology and Trusted Partnerships”

The launch of Bigship’s international technology marks a significant milestone in the world of logistics and shipping. In partnership with industry leaders such as FedEx, Aramex Global UPS, Skynet, DTDC, DHL, Self, and Skart Express, Bigship is revolutionizing the way businesses approach global shipping. With these trusted partners on board, Bigship is set to offer seamless international shipping solutions, making it easier and more efficient for businesses of all sizes to navigate the complexities of cross-border commerce. This collaboration brings forth a new era of convenience and reliability in international shipping, ensuring that packages reach their destinations worldwide with speed and precision. 

“Leading the Transformation of India’s E-commerce Logistics Landscape”

Bigship takes immense pride in being a pioneer and leader in the heavy and multi-shipment sector, serving Indian merchants and e-commerce enterprises in their expansion efforts within the online retail landscape. The company is committed to transforming India into a technologically advanced logistics hub by providing a comprehensive array of tech-driven services for efficient order fulfilment and logistics management.

Bigship has effectively crafted an ecosystem tailored to robust business-to-business shipping services, achieving notable success in bolstering its clients’ prominent market position. Their innovative e-commerce solutions seamlessly amalgamate customers from various business sectors. For further insights or to get in touch, explore Bigship’s website.

“Simplifying Global Shipping and Empowering Indian Merchants”

Our primary aim at Bigship Logistics is twofold. Firstly, we are dedicated to simplifying international logistics and streamlining the complex processes involved in global shipping and transportation. Secondly, we aspire to empower Indian merchants by enabling them to expand their reach to international markets, offering them the opportunity to sell their products on a global scale. Through our comprehensive solutions and services, we aim to bridge the gap between Indian businesses and international customers, making cross-border trade more accessible and efficient.

 With over 30,000 satisfied clients in our portfolio, our vision for the future involves doubling these numbers as we embark on the journey of introducing global services, encompassing cross-border solutions, and expanding our franchise network. We are determined to enhance our shipping offerings, grow our operations, boost business revenue, increase the number of sellers, and elevate the quality of our services on a global scale.

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