Empowering IDT Students: Insights on Creating Textile and Diamond Offices with Artificial Intelligence

 New Delhi (India), June 19: The Institute of Design and Technology (IDT) hosted a spectacular event on 17th June, as interior design students unveiled their exceptional works at BASE 2023, the Jury Presentation and Display. This highly anticipated event, held at the IDT campus in Vesu, provided a captivating platform for students to showcase their creative prowess and explore the transformative power of interior design. The students curated exquisite diamond and textile offices, showcasing their learning and expertise in the field.

BASE 2023 welcomed an esteemed panel of jurors and guest speakers comprising renowned professionals in the industry. Ar Bharat Seth, Ar Yugma Desai, Ar Prachi Khagasiwala, and Ar Urja Desai brought their profound industry knowledge and expertise to the event, offering valuable insights to the students and attendees. Ar Yugma Desai captivated the audience with her in-depth discussion on the impact of AI in interior design and its vast scope within the field. Ar Bharat Seth shed light on the untapped potential in the realm of interior design, while Ar Prachi Khagasiwala emphasized the symbiotic relationship between styling and interior design. The esteemed panel’s feedback provided deep insights into the world of interior design, empowering students with a well-rounded outlook towards their future endeavors.

BASE 2023, the Jury Presentation and Display event, witnessed resounding success as the students unveiled their exceptional designs and concepts. The institute also acknowledges the commendable efforts of Faculty Mentors Ekta Badiani, Ar Asif Shaikh, Ar Stuti Vaidya, Prachi Kokra, and Poonam Jodhani, who played an instrumental role in guiding and nurturing the students, enabling them to reach their truest potential. Attendees were captivated by the students’ innovative ideas and meticulous attention to detail, a testament to the budding interior designers’ talent and dedication. To recognize their hard work and commitment, the students were honored with certificates and trophies, symbolizing their exceptional achievements. Notably, Rohan Bang and Milan Tank have declared the Students of the Year for their outstanding contributions.

The BASE 2023 event was not only an opportunity for students to showcase their talent but also a moment of pride and appreciation for parents. Inviting parents to witness the creativity and innovation displayed by their children added to the atmosphere of celebration and recognition.

The BASE 2023 Jury Presentation and Display event at IDT proved to be a resounding success, providing a prominent platform for students to shine and explore the vast potential of interior design. With the presence of esteemed jury members and insightful guest speakers, the event celebrated the students’ achievements and showcased their remarkable talent and dedication. The IDT community eagerly anticipates witnessing the continued growth and success of these promising interior design visionaries.

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