Dr Amit Jain – The Father of Diabetic foot surgery (Podiatry) is breaking boundaries and sets new world record

New Delhi (India), October 20: India’s Dr Amit Jain, who is currently working as a senior Consultant Surgeon at Amit Jain’s Institute of Diabetic Foot & Wound Care, located within the esteemed Brindhavvan Areion Hospital in Bengaluru, is most famously known in India to be the youngest doctor to have given a principle and practice in diabetic foot as per published medical literature in the modern era. Having ascended to the pinnacle of medical achievements, Dr Jain is solidifying his legacy by setting more and more world records to his credit.

Dr Amit Kumar C Jain, an expert Diabetic foot Surgeon (podiatric surgeon), over years, has already garnered numerous monikers for his phenomenal work in the diabetic foot, such as “The Doc who Rocked”, “The Father of Diabetic Foot Surgery”, “The Rocking Doc”, “This Doc continues to Rock”, etc.

 In one of the remarkable feat, Dr Amit Jain has become the youngest Indian medical professional at 39 years old to earn the illustrious title of ‘Father’ within the domain of Diabetic Foot, a distinction etched into the annals of authoritative medical literature for his innovative work. This extraordinary accomplishment is substantiated by years of pioneering work in diabetic foot published in literature, backed by comprehensive evidence of records found in reputable sources like Best of India’s Record, Indian Book of Records, India’s World Records,  Kalam’s World Records, and recently in the World Records India 2023. 

Dr. Amit Jain has previously held the honour of being the youngest Indian doctor to articulate foundational principles and innovative practices within the realm of diabetic foot field. Centuries ago, in Indian medical history, Sushruta had established fundamental principles and practices and in today’s era, Dr Amit Jain, who represents the new generation of doctors, carries forward the legacy of laying down the principle and practice. 

 Dr. Jain’s legacy had earlier comprised of six world records, a testament to his unwavering dedication and outstanding achievements as an Indian surgeon. Recently, Dr Jain has added a seventh world record to his armamentarium of records. He holds the distinction of having the most number of named work published in a book and this record is set in Best of India’s record 2023.

In the tapestry of medical advancements, very few doctors manage to ascend to the realm of true originality. Dr. Amit Jain stands as a remarkable exception, showcasing a legacy of meticulously planned contributions and unyielding dedication to pushing the boundaries of the field.

Dr. Amit Jain’s impact resonates far beyond India’s borders, casting a global shadow. His revolutionary principles and pioneering practices in diabetic foot care have reshaped the field, earning him the prestigious distinction of “Father of Diabetic Foot Surgery” years ago that is etched in Indian Book of Records, Kalam’s World Record, Best of India’s Records and World Record India. Applauded by Dr. Gopal S, an esteemed Professor of Surgery at Dr. Chandramma Dayananda Sagar Institute of Medical Education and Research, Bengaluru, Dr. Jain’s role in propelling diabetic foot surgery (Podiatry) to new heights is nothing short of transformative, setting new benchmarks in innovation and excellence.

In recent times, there has been a propensity to label doctors as “Legends” or “Fathers” either with no reasons or for absurd reasons by different agencies, pharmaceutical industries, or doctor’s associations without any of them having any substantial original innovative work in medical literature to support these titles. Dr. Gopal emphasizes that such titles should be reserved for true pioneers of the subject like Dr. Amit Jain, who exhibit a consistent history of exceptional, persistent, original, and innovative work of distinction and excellence. Identifying such trailblazers often requires delving deep into the annals of medical literature by research experts or academicians, states Professor Gopal, who had reviewed the modern diabetic foot surgery system from India.

The impact of Dr. Amit Jain’s pioneering work reaches far beyond recognition within medical literature. Brindhavvan Areion Hospital’s leadership has immortalized his contributions by dedicating a wing in his honour, an accolade that has been enshrined in the Grand Asian Book of World Records in 2022. This gesture pays homage to his outstanding research, surgical expertise, educational endeavours, and philanthropic pursuits.

Dr. Kishore Kumar, one of the Directors of the hospital, underscores the global resonance of Dr. Amit Jain’s contributions to diabetic foot/Podiatry. His unique teaching tools, methodologies and captivating original innovative presentations of his work have also earned accolades and his teaching tools being chronicled in Best of India’s Records. 

Dr. Jain’s transformative projects, including the renowned “Amit Jain’s Project for diabetic foot- which is the largest known independent project,” and “Amit Jain’s Charitable Trust” stand as a testament to his charismatic persona, his unwavering commitment to the society, and his philanthropic spirit. His new style of conducting CME’s that also showcases his original work on modern and super modern diabetic foot surgery through “The Amit Jain’s Show” and its distinct versions, have also earned accolades in different parts of the India and abroad and it is now known as ‘The Podollywood of Diabetic Foot’ with Dr Amit Jain emerging as the first and the only “Medical Superstar”.

This monumental achievement by Dr. Amit Jain is meticulously documented within the official repositories of Best of India’s Records (https://bestofindiarecords.in/), Kalam’s World Records (https://www.kalamsworldrecords.com/), and World Records India (https://www.worldrecordsindia.com/).

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