Akashic reading Help You Meet Your Soul & Find Guidance; Resham Kamboj

Resham Kamboj is the founder of Tarot Tree of Life, a mother, spiritual healer, mentor, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. A fashion graduate from NIFT Mumbai, she believed there was no greater love in my life than fashion. But, life had other plans for her. After quitting  her job, she found her power which served as a turning point in her life. Here’s the excerpt of her interview;

Q1. What is Akashic?

Akashic is an energy, the seventh realm of heaven. When we access this energy, we can find a sort of book about every person which details the person’s life, their good and bad deeds, their past and future, their past life, which deity their energy is connected to and so on. So, Akashic is a library where you can meet your soul and find guidance.

Q2. How can people benefit from Akashic reading?

Akashic reading can answer any type of questions about a person’s life in detail. For example, it can help a person find the right path in life; explain why terrible things keep happening to good people, if it is the karma of their past life; it can help one see if their career is right for them or not. Through Akashic reading, we can find the right career, partner, business, and many other perspectives in life and so on.

Q3. How do you do Akashic Reading?

I do Akashic records reading with the help of a very powerful channeled prayer which helps me connect with the alternate reality, the seventh realm of heaven. There, a person’s past, present and future energy is stored and I can access their consciousness and subconsciousness. During this process, I say a prayer in the name of the client with their permission. I take information from the Akashic library, masters and loved ones and give the answers to my client. In this process, I can also help them connect with their deceased loved ones.

Q4. What is the best way to learn Akashic reading?

You should learn Akashic Records Reading from someone who has been doing it for a long time and has experience with clients. While reading books on Akashic can help, it will only be a stepping stone towards learning the practice. Practical classes are very helpful The future of Akashic is bright and I’ve taught it to over 5000 people. If you’re interested, you can message me on Instagram: @tarottreeoflife.

Q5. For new spiritual seekers, what final words of wisdom would you offer?

You should always keep reading and expanding your knowledge but also try to connect with your spiritual energy and cosmic energy. Gaining your own experience is essential and until you get these multidimensional experiences, you won’t know how deep and gratifying it is.

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